Friday, April 13, 2012

Video: Ribbon in Minor Key

Here's a video that i recorded last week, mainly to demonstrate the A-198 Ribbon controller in combination with the A-156 Quantizer.
A great combo IMO, but i already wrote about that earlier.

As usual a slightly unprepared and unedited jam, featuring my trusty Elektron Machinedrum, the TB-303 and a A-100 / MAQ16/3 combo.
It starts with the drums and a simple 303-line, an even simpler bassline drops in a bit later (A-120 filter) that gets modulated by an envelope with a slow attack halfway into the track.

The solo sound (played on the Ribbon Controller) is a saw wave that goes through my favorite A-127 filter.
Ribbon pressure is sent to the filter cut-off.
I added a second layer around the 4:00 point, a pulse wave through the WASP filter and through the Wave Multiplier, but you can hardly hear it...

Playing the ribbon is a piece of cake this way, i can even play this tune with my theremin modules, i might do a video from that too...
The A-156 was set to Minor Chord with an added 7th. favorite scale i guess.
That might make it sound a bit depressive, but i kinda liked it that way.
It did represent a mood that i was in, enjoy!

Video: Ribbon in Minor Key

" NetPierre Live, unedited as usual. Totally unprepared and perhaps slightly boring minijam with my Doepfer A-100 system and it's A-198 Ribbon Controller in a simple minor key.
Quantising is done by the A-156
Drums provided by an Elektron Machinedrum "

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  1. Nice! But next time face the camera a bit, I'd like to see how the controller actually plays! :-)

  2. I will try to show more of it next time, but basically it's just pressing and sliding Marc ;-)