Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Big A-100 Book by Andreas Krebs Delayed

Sad news for some of the non-German-speaking A-100 fans;

The original German version
of the big A-100 book by Andreas Krebs
Das Grosse Buch zum Doepfer A-100 Modular-Synthesizer, the German A-100 by Andreas Krebs that was published half a year ago (also check my earlier BookTips) will probably not be available this year yet.
I recently contacted him about a possible release-date of the (pre-announced) English version, but he replied that the project is delayed.

He wrote: " There had been plans to release the book end of this year. However, there have been some big delays in this project due to personal reasons (currently we’re moving from Munich to the countryside).
I hope to be able to put some more efforts on the english version as soon as we have moved and everything is “in its place” again."

I hope his situation will improve soon...

The German version is still available;
Price: Euro 29,90 € plus shipping
Find more info and ordering details at: http://www.ideenhase.de/html/doepferbuch.html
German version is also available via Doepfer

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