Monday, June 25, 2012

Locating the A-100 Fuse

The fuse-box is located between the
power inlet and the on/off switch
It's pretty basic, but every once in a while i receive the question: "Where can i find the fuse on my Doepfer rack?"
I must admit i had to search for it too the first time i blew up a fuse.

The answer is quite easy.
On the backside of the G6 rack (and G3 rack and most other cases and koffers) you'll find the power supply and the On/Off switch.
Between these two there is a small compartment where the fuse can be found.
Use a small screwdriver to
slide out the fuse-holder

Always remove the power-cord before you are opening the fuse-box!

With a small screwdriver you can gently pull this fuse-box out of it's place and replace your A-100 fuse.
Check out the Doepfer FAQ to see what fuse-value you should use in your rack, depending on rack-size and country.

Fuse-holder with A-100 fuse

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