Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Re-arranging my A-100 System

Last weekend i finally had some time to re-arrange my A-100 system.
I seems like this just has to happen every  few years...
It's was dirty job... a lot of screwing had to be done...

The main problem was the (old) location of my vocoder system, i had it in the middle of my rack.
That meant that i had a lot of wires hanging over the modules in the row below it.
I took out the vocoder modules and placed them at the bottom row.

My Joystick/Voltage inverter combo, the Modulation Wheels and the Manual Trigger modules were replaced to where the vocoder used to be, for maximum real-time control from the center of my setup.

The top three rows stayed the same, with mainly oscillators, noise mixers and filters (plus the 2 Theremin modules).
In row 4 i placed an extra A-180 Multiples next to my Quad ADSR so i can easily send multiple envelopes through my rack.
The rows below that have an assortment of various modules; LFO's, Distortion, Waveshaper, BBD and Frequency-shifter, to name a few... and my Trigger Sequencer, Divider, Inverters and Logic Modules.

At the lowest two rows on the left you'll find my inseparable section of modules from where i can switch playing-modes between Ribbon Controlled or by Keyboard (MIDI)-controlled... find and extensive post about this section HERE.

The Vocoder and its cables that were causing the main problem.
Note the frequency displacement

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  1. EY man, I am a music crawling producer in South Africa and I use virtual audio processors. How are they different from the external ones??????