Friday, July 13, 2012

Doepfer Power Supplies

There are 2 types of transformers used in the existing standard Doepfer A-100 racks and cases.

The old Doepfer power supply with a
rectangular transformer
If you are buying a secondhand A-100 rack, it might be useful to know how to distinguish the old transformer from the new version.

The newer version is a better version, more reliable and provides a steadier voltage that is better for your system, although i personally never heard any complaints about the old transformer besides the longer warming-up time.

The old power supply has a black or blue rectangular transformer, where the new power supplies have a round silver transformer.

The new Doepfer power supply with a round transformer
For a period during the transition (about 2 years) the customers could order both versions.
In any case all A-100 cases manufactured later than early 2005 are equipped with the new power supply, and all cases manufactured until about of 2002 are equipped with the old version.
For cases manufactured in 2003 and 2004 it depends which version has been ordered by the customer.

In any case the new power supply can be identified by a small label outside the case near the mains inlet.
It says "Power Supply II" unless it was removed by the user.

Source: Dieter Doepfer

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