Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random Video: Orginaized Kaos

Another nice video of a Eurorack containing a lot of Doepfer Modules, found on YouTube

Video: Orginaized Kaos
" Modular synth patch in the dark.
Patch info after request
LFO as clock drives Make Noise - René, Doepfer A-160 clock divider, A-155 sequencer
Drums sequenced by A-161 clock sequencer and A-166 logic module.
Drums - Analogue Solutions BD88, SD88, HH88.
Bas is A-111-5 (modular version of Dark Energy) sequenced by A-155 via A-156 Quantizer.
Melody is another A-111-5 sequenced by A-155 via A-156 Quantizer. but it is triggerd by trigger out from A-156, and it´s trigger signal goes via A-152 used as a switch clocked by A-160 clock divider so that it only comes in every 48 bar.
Clap sound - A-118 noise thru A-106-6 Xpander filter in bandpass to A-132 vca.
digital pitch sweep - A-112 triggered by clock sequencer and logic module. with a LFO controlling Tune.
Wobbel bas - A-106-1 Xtreme filter in self oscillation cut off frequency controlled by A-140 Envelope triggered by A-143-9 QLFO. also controlled by a A-150 switch controlled by Clock divider.
Other drum sounds - Phonogene with drum loop controlled by rene (gene-size and Organize.
That´s most of the patch."

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