Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Richard Horsman's Modular Rack Planner

A project that i have been keeping an eye on for a while is Richard Horsman's Modular Planner.

The maker is trying create a multi-format modular planner application (for PC and Mac) that takes the best things of already existing (online and offline) rack-planners, like the DougCL Rackplanner , the Eurorack Database and http://www.modularplanner.co.uk/ ,with many added features of his own.

The feature list so far (with a LONG way to go) is....
  • Browse a 'modules' subfolder to pick a module to add.
  • Preview the module's "drop zone" (see green in image above).
  • Check it's not being dropped on top of another module (override will be available)
  • Pick up and move a module to a new unoccupied location
  • Define a rack structure (width, rows, columns, scaling)
  • Track HP usage
  • Save & load standard Rack Planner files

Video: RichyHo's Rack Planner - Video #2

" Best watched in full screen, HD. A better quality video demonstrating the main features of my current development project - RichyHo's Rack Planner. Now at version 1.13 (not available for a while yet!) it's a modular synthesizer rack layout planner and patch notation system. Comments welcome. Thanks for watching."

It looks like a very interesting project, and i can't wait until it is available for us to try out.
The planning is that it will be released late this summer...
Richard's progress can be followed via his blog at  http://horsmanprojects.blogspot.nl/

Loads of info and pictures are available on the Muffwiggler thread:

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