Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A-160 to A-161 Connection

Module A-161 is an eight-step Clock Sequencer which is internally connected to the Clock Divider (A-160).
Eight outputs are sequentially switched by the clock signals from the A-160 and can act, for instance, as sequential rhythmic triggers for an envelope. 

A question that popped up in the Doepfer A-100 Usergroup on Yahoo some time ago was how the A-160 and A-161 should be connected together.
This can be found in the A-161 Manual (PDF) ,but i think this post (and picture) will provide the info you need.

A-160 <> A-161 connection
The A-161 must be positioned directly to the right of the A-160.
Join the two modules with the supplied 10-way ribbon cable.
Use the upper 10-way socket on each module.
Make sure that the ribbon cable is not twisted, and that the colour-coded section is oriented the same on both modules.
Only join the A-160 to the system bus! 
Leave the lower 10-way socket on the A-161 unused.

Pay attention not to damage one of the parts on the boards (especially none of the transistors).
If necessary, you may bend the transistors a little (carefully) to plug in the cable.

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