Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Another A-157 Series Update

A little bit more info on the A-157 series (or Mini-Schaltwerk) has appeared on the Future Models section of the Doepfer website.
The A-157 series is Doepfer's  trigger sequencer sub-unit with 8 tracks, and 16 steps each.
Doepfer A-157 Trigger Sequencer, as shown at
MusikMesse 2012. Picture by @Cymatics

I am still looking forward to this module, ever since it first appeared on the website and on exhibitions, and i wrote about the various prototypes several times already.
Find all PatchPierre posts about the progress on the A-157  HERE

The biggest announcement is that the series will not include two, but three separate modules;

A-157-1: A button/LED control unit with 8x16 momentary switches and LEDs, 8 trigger outputs

A-157-2: A standard control unit for A-157-1, inputs and buttons for Start, Stop, Reset and Clock, memory for at least 64 patterns

A-157-3: An enhanced control unit for A-157-1 with still to be specified features (e.g. separate Clock/Start/Stop functions for each row or groups of rows, forward/backward/pendulum/random, shifting of tracks relative to the other tracks, ...)

The A-157-1 and A-157-2 are planned for the end of 2012/early in 2012, price is still unknown.
So far there is no planned release date for the A-157-3

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