Saturday, September 15, 2012


Yesterday i got my brand new MATRIXSYNTH T-shirt, that i ordered only one week ago...
Yes, i am a fan, and i've been following MATRIXSYNTH(.com) for a very long time.
They have promoted a lot of my YouTube videos and PatchPierre articles in the past.

As a small gesture of thanks i decided to buy a T-shirt from their website, hoping they still earn a few dollars on it to keep the blog alive... (although they have ads too, unlike my own blog)
I must say the quality of shirt and print looks superb and it fits perfect too (size M)
They also added 3 cards and a nice MATRIXSYNTH magnet, but it sadly does not stick on my (aluminium) Doepfer front-plates ;-)

Order info:

Donations to PatchPierre (big or small) are also welcome, and possible via:, but i have no swag to give away... ;-)
Thanks in advance!

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