Sunday, May 26, 2013

Doepfer Gifts - Full Disclosure

Doepfer mug-shot
Back in January i received an e-mail from Dieter Doepfer himself in reply to a few questions that i had in preparation for a new blogpost.
Doepfer customer service has always been good, and Dieter always tries to personally answer his emails the same day. 
He is always willing to help me out with my retro-product-questions.
Besides the answers to my questions, he also had another nice announcement.

" Hello Pierre,
that's really a nice collection of our history products

When I have the time I could scan all the old documents I still have.
I think this will help you to continue the excellent work.
As you agreed that we link to your page I'm willing to offer some compensation for your job.
Publishing these details will also help us because sometimes customers ask for something like that.
Let me know if you are interested e.g. in a free A-100 module or similar."

Thank you, Dieter

...and last week, my package finally arrived.
They sent me a beautiful black-and-white Doepfer mug and an A-149-1/2 Quantized/Stored Random Voltages combination,  great modules that were high on my wishlist.

Doepfer mug and A-149-1/2 combo
I am very thankful for these gifts, and i see it as a recognition for (over) three years of blogging about modular synthesizers here at PatchPierre.Net.
I also feel that i have to mention these gifts from Doepfer here, as some kind of disclosure.

I will (of course) write one or more blogposts about my new modules, and i will keep on bringing you all the Doepfer news in the future.
Not much will change by these gifts, but i will stay the Doepfer fanboi that i always have been...

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