Thursday, May 16, 2013

Modular Checker by Ladik

Now here's an interesting looking Eurorack test-tool...

Ladik (from the Czech Republic) has now produced a nice device that you can plug into any mini-jack-socket to check if there is any voltage output (positive and negative)

They look quite robust and they are made out of a Quality REAN (Neutrik) connector and has a bright bi-colored LCD (positive = red, negative = green) that starts glowing if it registers a signal of approx 2 Volts.

He hasn't listed them on eBay yet, but expect to find these soon HERE

Video: "Checker" for modular Eurorack synth

"Is an signal in this hole?
3,5mm jack (Rean by Neutrik)
Just checks if in a madular jack is positive or negative voltage over 2 volts."
Video uploaded by RuprechtM

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