Friday, May 10, 2013

Random Video: Emergence Sea by RockWoofStone

Video: Emergence Sea

" Listen on Soundcloud:
Main track elements:
Reverb: Doepfer A-199
Delay: Echophon, Pittsburgh Delay
Panning: VCAMatrix + Circuit Abbey Invys
Drums: Tip-Top modules + MFB SEQ-01
VCOs: Sychrodyne, Doepfer A-110, Dixie, Rubicon, E340
Arpeggios from the Doepfer Dark Energy (out of shot) using it's built in arpeggiator.
Sequenced bass-line: SympleSEQ Mk II (out of shot) (with a tip of the hat to a certain early 80s track ;-)
Transposition: manually controlled from Pressure Points
Envelopes & main modulation elements from PEG, Maths, Quadra, Doepfer Quad LFO.
Emphasis/modulation of bassline gesture controlled from Doepfer A-178 Theremin (out of shot)."
Uploaded by RockWoofstone

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