Sunday, September 08, 2013

Outtakes/Bloopers from Raul's World of Synths

Raul Pena uploaded an extra bonus-video for the fans.
It shows some funny bloopers from his recent Doepfer tutorial video series, when things don't go as planned...

Video: Outtakes/Bloopers from Raul's World of Synths

" Sometimes things don't go as planned. Tripping on cables,dropping things, not patching correctly, forgetting the point I was trying to make, or just getting tongue tied. All in good fun. Outtakes from Doepfer A149-1 series, A155 series, A156 series,A124 Wasp filter, A172 Max/Min, A196 PLL"

Find all Raul's tutorial videos on PatchPierre HERE
Find Raul Pena at and on Twitter or YouTube

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