Saturday, September 07, 2013

RIP Dick Raaijmakers

I was quite shocked when I heard the news today about the passing of Dutch electronic music and tape music pioneer Dick Raaijmakers.
He died on September 4 at the age of 83.
Besides for helping popularizing electronic music globally in the sixties, he was also known as a composer, theater maker and music theorist.
He did groundbreaking work at the Dutch NatLab studios, and will also be remembered as the man who declined Stanley Kubrick's request to make the Clockwork Orange soundtrack... (oops)

I decided to pick this next video for my blog, because i haven't seen many people linking to it.
The video shows Dick Raaijmaker as the tape music teacher and theorist the way i remember him the most, in his own somewhat excentic and interesting way.
Although the whole interview is in Dutch, it has very adequate English subtitles (by Wiel Seuskens)

Video: Het kleinste geluid (deel 1)- The smallest sound (part 1)

Video: Het kleinste geluid (deel 2)- The smallest sound (part 2)
" Dick Raaijmakers in VPRO's Atlantis 1988 about his electronic composition Five Canons (1964-1967).In dutch.
The music is available on a 3 cd-box with a 120 page guidebook on Basta Records.
More Dick Raaijmakers on"

Videos uploaded by by Wiel Seuskens

Find more about Dick Raaijmakers music (and work) on PatchPierre HERE
and please take the time to watch his 25-minute long live performance of the music-piece 'Intona' on YouTube
Dick Raaijmakers also appeared in the Dutch documentary Room 306

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