Sunday, December 29, 2013

DIY Eurorack MIDI-to-CV Converter by Stereoping

Today i discovered Stereoping and its interesting line of products.

Stereoping was founded by Gregor Zoll.
Since his graduate to a graphics designer he is selfemployed in 3D-computeranimation, programming and development of computergames.
As a sideline he always made lots of music and repaired, altered and – in the end – developed lots of musical equipment like drumcomputers and synthesizers.
Stereoping MIDI-to-CV
As his ideas got more concrete and his developments got more professional through the years, he started a business in 2013 for the development and worldwide shipping of innovative diy-assembly kits for musical devices.

If this business will develop as he hopes, his goal will be to offer complete out-of-the-box products in some years...

Stereoping produces 'DIY assembly kits for making magical music' and will be opening a webshop in early 2014, where he will be selling some of the products shown on their site.
Some modules will also be available as a DIY-kit...
They also have a special Eurorack section on their site with interesting stuff.

The latest product is this Eurorack MIDI CV Interface, a basic MIDI-to-CV converter which is really not that innovative, but still a good piece of work IMO.
I like the plain and simple design of the panels, and I'm looking forward to seeing more modules coming from this new company.

Video: Demo for my DIY Eurorack Module 'Midi CV Interface'

" Short and musically quite boring demo of the features of my Eurorack diy Midi-CV-Interface. In case you dont know: such an interface lets you integrate the analogue module system into the digital midi production set. It has - besides Pitch-CV and Gate - simultaeneous outputs for velocity and 2 controllers. It can learn the midichannel (and remember it) and be set to single trigger (held notes will not send another gate) or multiple trigger. It also has a potentiometer to set the glidetime (portamento). A switch lets select if all notes should be glided or just held notes.The latter gives kind of temporary glide like on the tb303. It also has 5 Volt outputs for midiclock and sequencer-start/stop (both not features in this video). More technical info on my homepage. Sorry for the bad video quality, forgot to disable manual focus."

Uploaded by stereoping

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