Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Modular Wild Presents - Modular Wild "Pilot" (2012) by Raul Pena

Raul Pena is still celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Modular Wild.
As another thank you to the fans he also uploaded this video, a special extended version (37 minutes) of his original Modular Wild releases.

Video: Modular Wild Presents Modular Wild "Pilot" (2012)

" This is an unreleased video of how I originally envisioned my show Modular Wild. I used it when filing for copyright.
In commemoration of my one year anniversary this video has been drawn out from my archive for others.
Ultimately the show evolved into a shorter episodic version and the segments contained in this video were released individually.
Thanks to all those who support Modular Wild and continue to subscribe and watch.Sound and Video by Raul Pena."

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