Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Jomox Bassdrum and Percussion Eurorack Modules Announced

JoMoX ModBase 09 Bass Drum Module
Last weekend Jomox announced that their first set of Eurorack drum modules are shipping...

The ModBase 09 Bassdrum module is an impressive looking module with many knobs and buttons and plenty of CV modulation options.
They also have MIDI Inputs, what makes them even cooler...

" For regular modular use, analog routable CV inputs and an analog output are accessible via 3.5mm jacks. The Gate can be configured as 0-5V (0-15V is accepted too), inversed or s-trigger.

Everything is storeable and can be recalled via encoder klick from 100 presets. But for the analog feel of modular, eight potentiometers give you the fine and precise editing of the most important parameters without stepping through menus.

E-Drummers can create complete E-drum setups, because there is an internal Jomox analog connection bus with a fast digital link which can do a submix and an FX send mix from each module hooked up to the bus.
With this system bus you won't need to use the audio outputs but instead you have a programmable bus system that can link to future master, sequencer and mixing or effects modules - which can take control over the single modules.
This makes the whole modular setup recallable and storeable from a center module like a drum machine.

Also, to link the ModBase modules to our other products, they all have a Midi interface on the rear that can be wired within the rack case and being cascaded from one module to another.
The menu selection is paged by two-colored LEDs for both sides of the menu.
Two internal LFOs which both control the tuning of the kick drum VCO expand the sound spectrum once more.

All analog parameters are either storeable and controllable via Midi. The Midi notes control the pitch of the kick drum VCO.
The modules are controllable via CV/Gate and via trigger pads for live drummers. With the trigger input, the threshold and velocity dependend dynamics can be adjusted.
Four routable CV inputs let all internal sound parameters (incl. LFOs and metallic noise) be controlled by CV sequencers. Every CV input provides an own programmable amount which can be negative too (i.e. subtracting the CV value from the internal value). The range goes from 0..5V."

JoMoX Mod.Brane 11 Percussion Module 
The ModBrane 11 Percussion Module is dedicated to all kind of sounds from classic snare to insane metallic pickaxe sound.

" In the Mod.Brane 11 there are two 2-pole filters (F-OSCs) arranged in a way that dampen is like a limited range of resonance. They can interact between each other by two coupling parameters 1_2 coupling and 2_1 coupling. Coupling is a combination of addition (mixing) and frequency modulation. 2_1 coupling acts inversely with negative values and even with positive values. So every possible feedback and interference mode can be produced.

A dual noise generator which provides either white noise or a multitone metallic noise or a mixing of both, combined with a decay envelope, can produce percussion-like and cymbal-like tones which are mixed to the rest of the membrane signal. A part of the signal excites the F-OSCs, and the other part is mixed as a noise envelope to the signal.

Two internal LFOs which control the tuning of both F-OSCs expand the sound spectrum once more."

Video: JoMox goes modular ! Expect fat sounds

" JoMox was at Modularsquare november 30 to show his new eurorack modules dedicated to drums !
On the left side of this case you will find 2x ModBase 09 Bass Drum modules obviously dedicated to kick drum, and on the right side, 2x Mod.Brane 11 percussion module dedicated to all kind of sounds from classic snare to insane metallic pickaxe sound.
We are totally in love.
Nothing fancy in that video, just exploring presets to find good combinations. We will come back later with deeper videos.
(All these modules are controlled by a Doepfer A-155 sequencer, no FX nor compression added)"
Video uploaded by modularsquare

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