Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Doepfer Sound-Sampler Ad from 1984

This old Doepfer ad popped up at http://www.synthmuseum.de/ recently.
It's an ad for the Doepfer Sound Sampler that was released in 1984.
This module was the precursor of the A-112 Sampler that was released more than a decade later...

Although the ad is in the German language, i found it interesting enough to share it here with you (with the English translation below)

Doepfer Sound-Sampler magazine-ad from 1984 

" Sound - Sampler
The Revolution in Music Electronics:
What seemed beyond our means until now, will now be possible for an absolute top-price: Recording your favorite sound digitally, and then play it with a keyboard or sequencer (For example replicating traditional instruments, Singing, Choir, Orchestra etc.)
Connected to a personal computer, digital synthesis (like the 'big' digital synths) is possible.
Resolution 8bit, 32kbyte memory.
Preliminary info is available as Info(leaflet) , a demo-cassette and in build-instructions. (will be deducted when you order the DIY-kit)
Info 1.- *Demo-Cassette 10.- *Build-Instructions(60 pages) 30.-
Monophonic Kit: 700.- *Additional Voices starting at 390.-"
(all prices in DM /DeutchMarks)

Find out more about this Doepfer Sound Sampler at http://patchpierre.blogspot.nl/2013/01/doepfer-sound-sampler-1984.html

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