Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Build a Modular Synth in seven months! by @ScorbieUK

Scorbie built an impressive modular in just 7 months, and in this video he shows the result.
Almost 25 minutes of modular goodness...

Video: Build a Modular Synth in seven months!

" After seeing the modular documentary I Dream Of Wires, I decided back in September of 2013 I wanted to get one.
After months of obsessing and invaluable help from a few friends and people in the modular underworld, my first case is just about complete.
Even building my own now!
Rick Holt of Frequency Central & Rickard Steffensen from Sweden have been incredibly patient and supportive and I will forever be grateful.
Made a couple really good friends.
Visit frequencycentral.co.uk and look up Steffensen on Muffwiggler.com.
Small manufacturers who's modules are better than most of the well known makes out there.

In the case:
Frequency Central: System X VCO, Waverider DVCO, Electro Cardiogram Filter, Vogue Filter, Multipoles, Waverunner LFO, Continuum Phase Shifter, Trans Europa, Raging Bull* & System X S&H/Noise* (* DIY build soon).
Steffensen: Oscillarp (X2) and Envelarp ADSR (based on ARP2600).
Doepfer: A140 ADSR, A180 Multiples, A147 VCLFO, A106 Xtreme Filter, A138 Mixer.
Oakley Classic VCA, Tiptop Z3000, Make Noise Maths, Pittsburg MIDI2 and a few more bits to build including 4 ARP Odyssey VCOs and an ARP2600 12db LPF.
I've DIY'd all of the Frequency Central and Steffensen modules in the case. About two rows worth.
Didn't know how to solder seven months ago, let alone understand a schematic or what a resistor was. :)

Midlife crisis. Yep. And it f*cking rules!"
Uploaded by scorbie
Also check out Scorbie.com

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