Wednesday, April 16, 2014

LCF Industries Arp-8 Eurorack Arpeggiator

LCF Industries
Arp-8 prototype
LCF Industries uploaded a video of the Arp-8 arpeggiator prototype to YouTube.
Price and availability are still unknown, but the features are pretty impressive...

" Something was missing from my growing modular. I couldn't figure out what it was. Then after playing with a Polysix for a while it hit me; An arpeggiator!

So using the MIDI-CV Converter I made, I started playing around with the code a bit. And then a couple of hours later I came up with a pretty decent arpeggiator. It didn't have much control (only the two switches) but it worked! So the next step was to expand on it but still keep it as small as possible.

Octave knob: Selects between a 1-4 octave range
Rate knob: If synced with a MIDI clock, it will divide the tempo accordingly; 1-1

V/Octave Out
Hz/Volt Out
Gate Out
Clk In: Bypasses MIDI-clock messages and uses an external clock source.
Directional switch: Up, Down, Up/Down
Sync Switch: If no external clock source is available (MIDI or analog), flipping to the FREE position will prompt it to use it's own internal clock. Use the Rate knob to increase the speed.
Arp / Mono Switch: Turns the arpeggiator into a simple single-channel MIDI-CV converter."


" MIDI Controlled Arpeggiator "

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