Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A-136 Distortion / Waveshaper

The A-136 Distortion/Waveshaper module is a nice distortion/wave-shaping module with external CV control possibilities. It can be used for audio-distortion, but also to modify control voltages ( create new control waveforms made from LFO, ADSR, or Random voltages ) with it.

The module divides the incoming signal into 3 different components; the positive, the negative and the original signal. The 5 knobs and the 2 CV inputs let you adjust the positive and negative amplification and the clipping levels.

With all the different different settings you can create complex wave-shapes and impressive sounds, but to be fair, i have heard better (extended?) distortions. This might perhaps be the reason why Doepfer advices you to use it in combination with filters... not sure though...

For mild and subtle distortions this module sounds alright, but the wilder, clipping distortions are a bit too extreme for me.
Personally i prefer the A-137 Wave Multiplier or the A-116 WP Waveform Processor controlled by random voltages, for the more interesting ( subtle and extremer ) wave-shaping.

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