Thursday, September 15, 2011

A-100 Knobs Change

Special announcement from Dieter Doepfer, in the Doepfer Yahoo Usergroup:
Updated Feb. 13, 2012, see below...

" I just wanted inform you that the knob manufacturer (ReAn Sulzer / Switzerland) has stopped the production of the knobs that were used in the A-100, MAQ16/3 and other products. 
We tried to buy the productions tools from ReAn as they are no longer used. But ReAn was not willing to sell the moulds.

We are about to find another manufacturer who is able to produce a copy of the knob but I'm not sure if the copies will look exactly the same. 
I assume that all modules manufactured until end of this year will still be equipped with the original ReAn version of the knobs. 
But from early in 2012 the modules will be delivered little by little with the new knobs. 
We will try to get new knobs that look as close as possible to the old ones but I'm not sure if there may be a small noticeable difference...

...Sorry - but we will try to continue with the A-100 as it is (same knobs,same panels). It's all a matter of taste. 
And if we change to other knobs I'm quite sure that many other customers would complain. 
If someone wants other knobs he may replace the knobs as the 6 mm 18 theeth shaft is a standard. 
From my point of view continuity is important for a product like the A-100 system. 
I would probably change some things if I could put the wheel of history into reverse (but not the knobs, the panels and the printing as I still like them). "

Best wishes
Dieter Doepfer

Update Feb 13, 2012:
" There is still some "fine adjustment" to do (exactly the same "grey", exactly the same width of the marker and so on). 
At first sight the samples of the new knobs look identically but if you compare an old and a new knob next to each other you see some minor differences (grey color and line width). 
But I'm confident that the manufacturer will be able to change these small details."


  1. Dieter informed me that the Re'An rep said they are pulling out of knob manufacture altogether. This means the soft-touch knobs like those fitted to ASys modules (which many of us use as more colourful Doepfer replacements) will also cease to be available. I use the same range of knobs (different color) as Doepfer on Synovatron modules so have secured enough for the next batch of 100 CV Tools modules. The only other range of very low cost knobs comes from Cliff (I think) and have been considering those for a while (not dissimilar to Cwejman's); other knobs types in use on modular systems are not so cheap as Re'An. Still I'm sure we are not going to let at lack of knob choice get the better of us :)

  2. I was not really happy with the news...
    I want all my modules to have the same look, so i think i'll order some more black ones now before they are gone too.
    I'd rather spend my money on new modules instead of new knobs, but i hope they will find a good replacement knob...