Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Bla-Bla Blue LEDs

And again, i have been too busy lately with replacing some red LEDs by blue ones. I believe this was my final batch, but you'll never know...

As i mentioned before on this blog i like those blue LEDs a lot, but some modules weren't available with blue LEDs at the time i bought them.
I'm not considering making my whole A-100 system with blue LEDs, that would be too much, but just a few blue lights make my machine just look sooo cool. (in the dark)

This kind of work also helps me to practice my soldering-skills.
I'm (still) not the best in it, but i am slowly improving... and i do these replacements in less time.

I do not pick my LED-replacements completely at random. Most of my new blue LEDs have a  'deeper' meaning; better see it as a kind of color-coding.
Some of these LEDs need special attention, others sometimes act (slightly) different than the red LEDs next to them, and if there is no direct reason to change a red LED into blue i'll always tend to find one...

Take a look at the new overload LED of my A-126 Voltage Controlled Frequency Shifter ( that is no longer available ) for example. This little LED just screamed for attention every time i used this module.
Earlier i replaced the overload LED of the A-119 External Input, so it seemed logic to replace this one too.

The other LED that i replaced was one of the A-147 Voltage Controlled LFO.
I'm not sure why exactly, but three blinking red lights in a row... Who needs that?
I replaced the middle one, the one that displays the output of the rectangle wave.
It is the only one that does not gradually fade out and in like the other two, it is either on or off, at a CV controlled variable speed...

...I told you I'd find a reason... ;-)

A-147 VCLFO with 1 blue LED
More on replacing LEDs HERE

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