Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quick Tip VII : Battery Check

In the A-112 VC Sampler /Wavetable Oscillator and some other devices rechargeable batteries (accumulators) are used for memory backup of preset data.
These electronic parts have a limited lifespan and have to be inspected at least every two years.

A-112 VC Sampler /Wavetable
Oscillator battery
Before the inspection the device has to be disconnected from mains voltage !
If the battery has a leak or if the measured voltage of the battery differs more than 10% from the target voltage the battery has to be replaced.
The target voltage (2.4V or 3.6V) and is printed on the battery.
The replacement should be carried out by qualified personnel only. 
The old battery has to be removed (desoldered) and the new one put in (soldered).
If you are able to carry out the replacement yourself you can purchase the rechargeable battery as a spare part from a supplier in your country. Any other rechargeable battery with the same voltage (e.g. 3.6V) can be used provided that it fits mechanically.

It is not allowed to put the old battery in the normal garbage. Please forward the old battery for recycling to a suitable receiving office.

The following Doepfer devices are (or have been) equipped with a rechargeable battery for memory backup:
2.4V rechargeable battery: LMK3/LMK3+
3.6V rechargeable battery, grid 10 x 20 mm.:
used in d3c, MCV24, A-112 VC Sampler /Wavetable Oscillator, Schaltwerk and Regelwerk.
Available e.g. from GP (3GP-60) or Varta (3/V80H), in Germany e.g. from (order no. 3GP-60), in USA from (order no. Varta 3/V80H / 672-55608303059)

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