Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Quick Tip IX : A-119 As a Clock Generator

A quick tip that i 'borrowed' from the Yahoo Doepfer A-100 User Group is this next one:

It could happen that you run out of MIDI or other signal-converters to synchronize your A-100 system.
If you have a free channel out on your soundcard you can use the A-119 Ext. Input / Envelope Follower to produce some kind of clock signal as an alternative.

To do this you should create a channel in your favorite sequencer/ sampler/ sound-card that sends out 16th notes of some short sounds like a rim-shot, snare,claves or woodblock for example.
The A-119 can simply turn this audio-signal into a (steady) gate signal, which can be multiplied/divided and used throughout your A-100 system.

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  1. Good tips, sometimes i use the click from my R8 mkII for this purpose