Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Raul Pena's 12 Days of Modular (Complete Playlist)

Raul Pena just finished a new video series for the upcoming holidays.
It's called the 12 days of Modular, so he posted one video a day for 12 days,
themed around Modular Synthesis and sound.
Very nice demonstrations of Sound Sources and Modulation, accompanied by waveform views.
"Good for seeing wave-forms, annoying the neighbors, or lots of other uses."
No talking, just sound. Sound and Video by Raul Pena

As always feel free to leave feedback (on his YouTube playlist, not here...)

Full Playlist : 12 Days of Modular / Parts 1 - 12 /
                                      Total length 29 minutes and 36 seconds

Please take some time to fill out Raul's short survey regarding information, suggestions for future videos. 
(no sales or money involved) 

Just information that will help guide the interest/content of the videos.

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