Saturday, March 24, 2012

MusikMesse 2012 Dark Energy II and A-157 News and Pictures

The Dark Energy II prototype with
Dieter in the background
As promised a few pictures from the Doepfer goodies at the Alex4 booth from the MusikMesse this year.

The most interesting Doepfer product on exhibit was by far the new Dark Energy II, that looks surprisingly the same as the Dark Energy I.
The DE II will be available this summer.
Check the specifications of the DE II HERE.

Dieter also had a pleasant announcement that the CEM3394 will probably be fabricated again (but it's not certain when they will be available), so there is a possibility that the Dark Energy (I) will also return once those chips arrive...

A closer look at the Dark Energy II

The A-157 (or 'Mini Schaltwerk') Trigger
Sequencer prototype

The A-157 (or 'Mini Schaltwerk') that was on display again didn't look much different than what we saw at NAMM 2010.
Doepfer could however confirm that this module will probably available around june 2012.
I haven't had a chance to talk to Doepfer about it, but i do hope they will switch the layout; inputs on the left and outputs on the right, but that is just a personal preference.

You can watch a short interview with Dieter Doepfer (in German) and some sound-examples of the new DE II by De:Bug Magazin Musikelektronik  HERE
...and another video of the big Doepfer modular in the Alex4 booth by SessionMusikTV (also in German) HERE

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  1. So the Dark Energy v2 is close enough to the v1 that they could just take over one section and the logo... way to go Doepfer, always innovative