Tuesday, November 06, 2012

250th PatchPierre Post

Okay, it might seem a bit unnecessary to write a celebratory blogpost every 50th post, but it does feel like another milestone again.

I am happy to say the blog is still going strong after a relatively bad year for me personally, and glad that working on new blog-posts kept/keeps me distracted from all the negativity surrounding that.
Thank you so much again for all the support and the positive feedback.

I would like to share a few PatchPierre numbers with you about the PatchPierre universe:

- PatchPierre blog will reach the 75.000 pageviews this month, in a little over 2½ year.
- an average of around 5.000 pageviews per month lately, and this number is still climbing.
- Almost 1.100 people follow PatchPierre on Twitter

- Patchpierre.Net welcomed visitors from 126 countries

Top 10 countries  /  Pageviews
United States               17483
Netherlands                 10184
Germany                      6566
United Kingdom            5961
Russia                          4338
France                          2634
Italy                             1604
Canada                          806
Slovenia                         796
Ukraine                          522

Top 10 most visited posts                                               Date published

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100th PatchPierre Post                                                    May 22, 2011
Vactrol Basics                                                                  Feb 21, 2011
Dark Energy II Announced                                                 Feb 7, 2012
50th PatchPierre Post                                                        Dec 7, 2010
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- Also more than 10.000 people downloaded and installed my free PatchPierre Mobile - Nokia app
  (more info at http://patchpierre.blogspot.nl/search/label/Apps)
- Almost 15.000 views of my YouTube videos at http://www.youtube.com/netpierretv (subscribe!)

- I could use more likes on my Facebook page
- and donations (big or small) are still welcome via PayPal
  (info at http://patchpierre.blogspot.nl/p/patchpierre-donors.html)
Donations will keep PatchPierre ad-free

Finding new topics is getting harder as i have already reviewed most of the Doepfer modules i own, but i hope i can keep the blog interesting enough in the future with a wider range of eurorack related posts.
If you have any suggestions / questions etc... feel free to contact me.

Thanks again for the support, regular posting returns this thursday with the start of a completely new Doepfer tutorial video series by Raul Pena!

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