Sunday, November 18, 2012

Doepfer MCV-24 Battery Replacement

Zoë Blade's partner Nina Richards has made an interesting short video demonstrating how to replace the Doepfer MCV-24's internal battery.

Video: Doepfer MCV-24 battery replacement
" Nina's short guide to replacing the internal battery of a Doepfer MCV-24"
Uploaded by Zoë Blade

The following Doepfer devices are (or have been) equipped with a rechargeable battery like this for memory backup:
2.4V rechargeable battery: LMK3/LMK3+
3.6V rechargeable battery, grid 10 x 20 mm.: used in d3c, MCV24, A-112 VC Sampler /Wavetable Oscillator, Schaltwerk and Regelwerk.

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