Monday, November 26, 2012

How NOT to Modify

The rail is still visible through the
new hole i drilled
Okay... sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

I made a slight mistake while drilling a new hole in a front panel for my latest DIY-project.
(blogpost will follow soon)

Although i knew there was not a lot space where i had to drill, i did not calculate that the rail would still be visible.

Hardly visible, but i had to scrape almost
one mm. off the module's PCB
I am glad that i didn't have to put a mini jack connector but only a switch there, but that didn't even fit here.
Okay, maybe I should have drilled a smaller hole in the first place.

My bad... but still very annoying.
On the other side of the hole there's the module's PCB, so i couldn't put the switch higher without also modifying the PCB board.

Luckily i could solve the problem with an extra large ring.
It has not trned out to be my most successful modification.
More info on what i was working on will follow later this week.

Finished switch, with extra large ring
Sadly i also damaged the front-panel a little bit (bottom left and under the D from Doepfer)

I should be more careful next time, and take a little bit more time for my modifications... 
Make a plan first... and work step-by-step.
That would spare me a lot of trouble.

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