Friday, November 23, 2012

New Doepfer Announcements

Doepfer released preliminary information about two new modules.

The A-190-8 is a MIDI/USB to Sync interface.
Basically this module divides the incoming MIDI or USB clock messages into smaller steps.
You could see it as a modular version of the MSY2 MIDI-to-SYNC Converter that was announced in December last year, but with multiple simultaneous outputs and added USB support.
Funny that i already posted my idea for a module like this in late 2010 (Read that blogpost HERE)

A-190-8 Prototype 1
The main application of the module is the control of clocked A-100 modules like sequencers, sequencer controllers, trigger divider, trigger sequencer and similar units, but also to trigger/reset LFO's, envelope generators and more.

The A-190-8 will have 10 available outputs which are not yet fixed. 
Preliminary info can be found HERE, and if the users think other combinations of clocks or start/stop/reset outputs would be better, Doepfer can change that because the outputs are generated by the firmware of the processor.

Read some of the user suggestions at the Doepfer Yahoo Usergroup.

Doepfer left out the usual DIN SYNC socket because to create that you only need clock and start/stop on two pins of the DIN socket. 
If there are sufficient inquiries Doepfer may offer a special cable with two 3.5 jack plugs on one side and a DIN plug on the other. 
(For example to synchronize a TB-303)

A-180 Multiples and
a 2 HP blindplate,
the size of
the new A-180-2
For early in 2013 also a slim version of the A-180 Multiples module is planned.
This will be called A-180-2 and will be half the size of a regular A-180.
Because of the only 2 HP width nuts cannot be used to mount the pc board by means of the socket nuts at the front panel. 
Instead of that the PC board is mounted by screws and spacers at the front panel.(pic)

Personally i don't think i want one of those in my system because of how a nut-less module looks, but i can imagine there are people who applaud space-saving modules like this.

There were also a few other announcements/updates:
In December the A-192-2 (Dual CV/Gate-to-USB/Midi interface) will be available and even the hardware of the Polyphonic CV/Gate interface A-190-5 is ready.
"Christian (Assall) is about to program the firmware. But it takes longer than expected  and so the A-190-5 will be available early in 2013."

Special thanks to Bakis Sirros in the Doepfer Usergroup for sharing parts of this info.
Bakis can be found via multiple ways, support him and his band(s) to help the Greece economy a bit:

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