Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blue LED Lights MIDI Controlled using a Doepfer MTC 64

James Bragg, member of the Doepfer Yahoo Usergroup recently shared his latest project.
He has just finished his 16-LED light-panel using a Doepfer MTC64 MIDI-to-Contact board.

The MTC64 is an universal MIDI interface that converts up to 64 succeeding MIDI note on/off or program change messages into 64 TTL voltages (0/+5V).
The TTL outputs of the MTC64 can be used to control different switching functions. 
With suitable drivers (e.g. switching transistors) relays, lamps, motors, electromagnets, even magnetic valves and so on can be controlled.

James only used 16 of the 64 switching contacts.
He explains: " When playing synth live I use an Akai  MPC1000 sampler for backing beats and I wanted to synchronize lighting with it."
In the video he shows how it is all made.

Video: Blue LED Lights MIDI Controlled using a Doepfer MTC64

" A project using a Doepfer board to Midi Control LED lights. We're going to use this for our band Phoenix-Flare so the lights can be synced perfectly to the Drum Machine "
Uploaded by James Bragg
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