Saturday, March 30, 2013

My DIY-Tools

While i am still waiting for parts for an upcoming DIY-project, i thought it would be a good idea to show you the DIY-equipment that i work with.
I don't use any expensive professional type tools, everything here can be bought on a budget, and upgraded if you have the money.
So far i have done all my modifications/expansions with this set of tools.

My main tools for DIY-projects

My soldering-iron is a 30W Velleman electrical soldering-iron without temperature-control.
I know some people prefer temperature-control because some of the components can be sensitive to high temperatures, but
so far i haven't damaged anything... ;-)

Wire, soldering-tin in 2 different sizes,
a de-soldering pump and a lighter.
I have 2 different sizes of lead-free soldering-tin, both with a low melting-point.
The thinnest one is 0.7 mm and i use that for the more delicate soldering-points.
I use the slightly thicker (1 mm) tin thread mainly for making connections (i.e. soldering a wire to a switch)
I hardly use the spring-loaded desoldering-pump on the lower left side of the pictures.
It can be used for removing old solder off a PCB.

The needle-nose pliers in the first picture are used to cut wire and for all kind of other purposes: bending, mounting and de-mounting the knobs and mini-jacks from the frontpanel.

The red and black wire is used for making the connections.
Although i have (many) more colors, i seem to end up using almost only these two colors.
I strip the ends of the wires with a lighter before use.
I don't need another special tool for that... ;-)

6-Piece precision screwdriver set
The 6-piece precision screwdriver set is also unmissable for me.
The different sizes make it perfect for any job.
From de- and re-mounting modules to trimming potentiometers on the PCBs, i use them for almost anything.

I learned most of the basics about DIY and soldering off the internet.
There are many how-to videos to find on YouTube and Wikipedia is filled with all the information you'll ever require.
Besides that there are a lot of books available about this topic.

A suggested read :

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