Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Doepfer DIY Synth for Eurorack

I have a lot of respect for the DIY/synth community and their inventivity.
A Google alert notified me about this module, a Doepfer DIY-synth built into a skiff-friendly 42 TE wide Eurorack panel... the smallest one i have seen so far.
For those of you interested, it is still for sale on eBay...

"Doepfer DIY synth for Eurorack format
Fully patchable complete modular analog synth.
Size 42TE (213 mm) / Skiff friendly

The module has:
30 Patch points (3,5 Euro standard jacks)
27 Potentiometers
plus 2 switches and 2 LEDs for ADSR and LFO

You get:
A VCO, Multimode filter (LowPass, HighPass and mixed mode), LFO (trangle and rectangle), ADSR, inverter, slew (portamento)
Each with several attennuators and parameters not normally seen in other modules."

Auction ends on the 15th of March - find it on eBay HERE

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