Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Videos by Daniel Hofer

On a new YouTube channel by Daniel Hofer, a lot of interesting Doepfer-videos are popping up.
Mainly just wild audio-demonstrations without voice-over, but with very interesting sounds and great audio quality too.
Sadly the descriptions are in German, but i did a rough translation of them all... where possible ;-)

Video 1: 1.3.13 space 02
" Quantised RVnoise dynamically shaped with the DSP Effects-Module from Doepfer.
Inverted Shape + Original "

Video 2: 16.3.13 Resonanz Gate to QVR to VCF

" QVR from doepfer controlled by Gate, controlling the Filter Frequency from the A-108 "

Video 3: 25.2.13 SH Cmp Morp
" 2 LFO Signals into Comperator, Signal Out in Trigger in of the ADSR, VCO1+2 to FM morphing over Offset "
All videos by Daniel Hofer, 
subscribe to his YouTube channel HERE

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