Thursday, October 24, 2013

Creating Two Sequences With One Doepfer A-160 by Frederic Gerchambeau

The latest video from Frederic Gerchambeau features quite an interesting pattern, generated by two different sequences from a single A-160 Trigger Sequencer module.

Video: Creating two sequences with one Doepfer A-160

" With only one Doepfer A-160, it's possible to get two different sequences at the same time. For even more fun, i have used two LFOs to trigger that A-160.
Basically the patch is that one :
Two lfos > multiple > A-160 Trig in
A-160 outputs (x 6) > 3 into mixer 1 and 3 into mixer 2
Output mixer1 > VCO1 and output mixer2 > VCO2
Outputs VCO 1 and 2 > VCA"

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