Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Q-Control for MAQ 16/3

Following demands in the Doepfer A-100 Yahoo group, Q-ONTROL has been updated with a new PDF tutorial and is now available for free download

Q-ONTROL is an Ableton Live Pack offering users full control over the Doepfer MAQ 16/3 MIDI analog sequencer.
Using MIDI clips to send data, complex music sequences can be made easily.
Q-ONTROL V 1.2 is offered with two templates and a tutorial PDF Book and can be downloaded via http://wildtek.net/

Dimitri Pike, the Q-ONTROL template creator, recently joined the A-100 usergroup to thank those who requested it.
He had never been very sure if it was useful for someone else then him and it was recently proved that yes it is :-)

Dimitri was working with it a few days ago and noticed that a few clips didn't correctly recorded parameters when he saved the file.
He also noticed some other errors here and there... He will work on correcting these little things asap and will let you know when the file is available for re-download.

Another note of interest, he already started to work on Q-ONTROL V 2.0 and all he can say at this point is that this new version will make a lot of users happy.

Download Q-ONTROL V 1.2 (ZIP)

- One day after publishing this blogpost, Dimitri tweeted this:

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