Thursday, February 24, 2011

Analogue-Systems-to-Doepfer Adaptors

Ever thought of installing Analogue Systems modules in your Doepfer Eurorack (or the other way around) without much trouble?

Tony from Synovatron came up with a few nifty solutions for that;
His latest 'inventions' are small adapters that allow you to simply plug directly into your  AS or Doepfer module, or that fit the connector on the module's PCB.

Installing is as easy as it looks;
 Note the red stripe - just line up the Doepfer cable's red stripe with it.
 The adaptors are also marked with pin 1 and have an orientation mark so pin 1 goes to the top (in fact to pin 1) and the red stripe goes at the bottom.

The order code for the socket-to-socket version (left) will be ASM2DB Adaptor (or Analogue Systems Module to Doepfer Bus Adaptor). The code for the plug-to-plug version (at the right) will be DM2ASB Adaptor (or Doepfer Module to Analogue Systems Bus Adaptor).

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  1. Wow thanks Pierre, very nice of you to feature my adaptors in your blog. Best wishes Tony

  2. @Tony My pleasure. I like those simple solutions and i think the readers of the blog appreciate it too.
    Still not sure about 'adaptor' though... The American-English 'adapter' feels more natural to me and is also the Dutch spelling.
    But nevermind... thanks for the feedback!