Thursday, February 03, 2011

Racks, Cases and Monsterbases

In the beginning it was easy; you only had a few choices:
You could either buy a 3-unit high rack (A-100G3), a 6-unit high rack (A-100G6) or the 6-unit high suitcase version (A-100P6) from Doepfer to mount and organize all your A-100 modules.
Nowadays you can choose from a huge variety of other housings from Doepfer, from 32HP width miniature-cases up to 168HP monster-cases.
You can even make your own cases/cabinets with the low-cost DIY-kits containing rails, a power supply and bus-boards.

The most economic versions nowadays are the low-cost plain wood cases (A-100LC6/LC9) ,which cost about 35% less than the metal and standard suitcase versions.
If that is not your thing you can always go for the monster-cases;
Twice the usable width of a 'normal' rack, but finished with a black or grey finish in a flightcase-look are available in many different shapes and sizes.
There's even a monster-base that fits under these cases, with 2 rows of 168HP width, one with horizontal alignment and a second with a 45 degrees inclined row.

- note from the Doepfer-site: " ...the 12U monster cases are a bit difficult to handle by one person only "

I recently ordered my 4th metal G6 case because i already owned three of them that are filled up to the max. I already have some loose modules lying around that i would love to have back in my system again.
Budget-wise i wanted to go for the LC9-version(s), but then i had to re-arrange the rest of my system too, to give it a same look. Too much work for now.

For my next expansion i am considering building myself a cabinet, using 5 or 6 A-100DIY1 kits
That is probably by far the most in-expensive way. If i sell my G6-cases second-hand, i will probably even have some money left to buy me an extra module or two. We'll see...


  1. Well, they have cases for all cases! :-) Those monster cabinets look really cool...

    Marc JX8P

  2. @Marc I agree, the monster cabinets look cool, especially with a monster base under it! Perfect for controller modules like the wheels and joystick modules. I just love the 45 degrees inclined panel too.