Sunday, February 06, 2011

Booktip VI - The Museum of Synthesizer Technology by Martin J. Newcomb

Okay... the cover-design of this book isn't outstanding, but the content is in fact very interesting.
This book, simply called The Museum of Synthesizer Technology, written by Martin J. Newcomb in July 1994 shows the huge collection of what used to be the Museum of Synthesizer Technology that was situated in a  part of Berkshire, UK.

The museum, opened by Bob Moog, only existed for a few years ( 1994 - 1997 ) and was at the time the largest collection of analogue synthesizers in the world.
The idea was nice; the aim was to preserve all these analog synthesizers for future generations, and today's generation would be helped by exhibiting them and by keeping the (service- and normal) manuals available for the public.

Basically the book ( A4-sized, 118 pages ) is an overview of the museum's collection, with a lot of large (color-) pictures and accompanied by well-written background-information on the different synth-companies and types.
...most of all i like it for it's pictures...

Not included with the book, but there was also an interesting video out about this museum with uncut demonstrations, that was published in 2006 by Analogue Heaven, called Analogue Heaven The Museum of Synthesizer Technology. It is a revised release of the original museum-video, but including some extras.
Find the 65 minute documentary HERE (in six parts)
or HERE (full version)

The book has no ISBN number.

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