Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dark Energy II Coming Soon

It looks like the long-awaited Dark Energy II will almost see the daylight.
Doepfer receives the first batch of pre-serial Dark Energy II models any time now...

After these models are tested and checked (and no major flaws are discovered), the first production-order will be placed and Doepfer can start distributing the first modules.*
A part of that first production-batch is reserved for people who pre-ordered their DEII.

Dark Energy II
To fresh you up, the main differences between the Dark Energy II and the original Dark Energy are:

- 12dB multimode filter with lowpass, notch, highpass and bandpass (instead of 24dB lowpass of Dark Energy I)
- the previous LM control of the filter becomes the filter type control (continuous crossfade lowpass - notch highpass - bandpass)
- the LM function of the filter is no longer available
- the waveform switch is used to select between saw and clipped/distorted saw (in the center position the saw is off)
- the basic waveform of the VCO is saw (not triangle like the Dark Energy I).
- because of the pure analog circuit and the temperature control it takes about 30 minutes until the VCO is in tune.
- the VCA has a exponential scale (not the combined linear/exponential scale of Dark Energy I)


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  1. Awesome, I was just wondering yesterday when this was coming out.
    Not sure if I should get this or put it towards a modular.