Friday, October 05, 2012

Nokia App-Update

Although the platform seems to be slowly dying (i recently made the last changes to it...ever) my FREE PatchPierre app for NOKIA phones ( S40, S60, Symbian ) is still available.

Basically this PatchPierre Mobile application is an RSS-feed(s) reader plus NetPierreTV YouTube videoplayer.

Over 6600 downloads/installs already in 157 countries...
(and more than 1000 downloads of the latest version in the last two weeks)

The app will soon be available for the latest NOKIA Asha Touch devices; the Asha 305/306/308/309/311

You can find all versions of the PatchPierre app in the NOKIA store at

Screenshot small
N8 Screenshot by @wonderhelm

Don't worry if you don't own a NOKIA device.
PatchPierre.Net also looks good on your Android, iOS and Windows phone or tablet via the special mobile version of the app at (for as long as it lasts), 
or the original mobile version of the blog via , or keep on track with the the RSSfeed in your favorite RSS-reader or applications like Flipboard.

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