Thursday, October 11, 2012

YouTube Tip: MrWogie's Channel

Okay... i was kind of excited when i accidentally landed on THIS obscure YouTube channel, and to be honest... i still am (a bit).

Screenshot of MrWogie's setup
There is not a lot of info accompanying the videos, but YouTuber MrWogie (Wolfgang Giesecke) uploads a lot of analog/modular studies, soundscapes, drones, very cool modular synth improvisations and other interesting analog compositions.
A bit weird for some perhaps, but sonic p*rn for some.

All uploads are mainly audio, but a lot of his videos have a slow slideshow showing some pictures of (assumably) his setup.
His latest videos seem to involve a very nice system (A-100, Dark Energy, Yamaha EMP100 effects, and several PC's running virtual synths).
It sounds like MrWogie is a classically trained musician, you will also find orchestral music in his YouTube stream.

The weirdest thing in my opinion is that these videos hardly have been viewed or played.
I'm sure you'll like them if you're an analog music fan like me.
Here's a of the least weird ;-)

Video: Sequenc1 by MrWogie

The video above is totally not representative of the the rest... there are weirder, more obscure pieces of art on this channel.
Check out the rest at
and his Facebook page at

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