Monday, October 29, 2012

RIP Joop Stokkermans

The Magic Of The ARP-Synthesizer (1970)
Orchestra conducted by Bert Paige.
Last week on the 25th of October, Dutch composer, piano player and (ARP) synth-pioneer Joop Stokkermans died at the age of 75

Stokkermans was an extremely important contributor to Dutch TV music, radio music and commercials from the early 60s into the late 90s.
Although he is mainly known as a pianist, but he also had a great interest for synthesizers since they first appeared.

In 1970 he recorded a full album on the only working ARP available in Europe at the time, together with help from technician Roddy de Hillster who programmed most of the sounds.

The album contains re-arrangements of standards from classical Bach (Air) and Tchaikovsky (The Swan) compositions, re-arrangement from Bacherach, Paige and Becaud and some compositions of his own.
Together with a full orchestra conducted by Bert Paige this turned out to be a very interesting and maybe even groundbreaking album in Dutch synthesizer-music.

Video: Joop Stokkermans - Blij zijn zolang het nog kan (B.Paige)

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