Saturday, October 20, 2012

New BNC Connectors For A-178 Theremin Antenna

It's good to see that Doepfer also keeps improving the older modules.
I already complained in July 2011 about the lousy connector of the A-178 Theremin antennas
(read the post HERE), and look now what they recently announced:

" From August 2012 an improved version for the antenna connector is used.
A so-called BNC connector is used to connect the antenna to the module (same type of connector as used in measuring equipment like oscilloscopes)."

The old A-78 antenna with mini-
jack connector
The new version of the module is so brand new that it still has to be sent to Doepfer's photographer for taking pictures.
The new model seems to have a completely different front panel and pc board.

If you are experienced with DIY you may replace the 3.5 mm socket by a BNC socket yourself and increase the diameter for the new connector in the front panel, but you can also place it parallel to the original antenna socket at the same height, but more to the right where there is more space behind the front-panel (at the other side of the PCB).

Doepfer wrote to me:
" We never tried it but it should be possible to remove the old miniature jack socket and widen the hole asymmetrically (i.e. not drilling it but using a rasp) so that the BNC socket can be mounted and manually wired to the pc board.
But I cannot guarantee that it works as I have no old A-178 available to try it out.
But you may also connect the BNC socket in parallel to the miniature jack socket.
Pay attention that an isolated version of the BNC socket is required
(no electrical connection to GND/front panel is allowed) !

The connectors are not available via Doepfer, but i did already place an order today for 2 new antennas (for 20 Euros each).
You can probably read more about this project next month...

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