Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Game on! Modular Battles

Last Friday i received a very interesting notification/invitation for a new initiative from The KlirrFaktor.
A challenge, with easy rules;
  • one module only
  • no external CV, click or audio
  • track must be no longer than 2 mins
  • track as video or audio
  • no additional edits or effects
It's too bad that i had other things planned this weekend, but the first modular battle took place without me and resulted in some really nice & crazy tracks.

Find all entries for the first round at: Modular Battle Part 1 “one module only”
Although he did not completely keep it under the 2-minute limit ;-) -my personal favorite was from Fi0cz and is made on a Makenoise DPO:

Video: The 1 module // no cv battle .My round . by Fi0cz

Looking back at round one... i don't think i could have done a better job with my pretty basic set of Doepfer modules.
The only thing i can think of now (after the first round) would be an experiment with my A-127 Triple VCF, where the first filter is resonating, fed back into the module and filtered again by the two remaining LFO-controlled filters... #toolate

I might send in an entry for Round 2, same rules, but now with only 2 modules and a deadline on the night of the 24th of February.
A good way to get a bit more creative with the modules that i have...

Read more about the Modular Battles at http://www.knoobz.com/

Add tracks to the battle:
You may add your tracks with postings @ sequencer.de or muffwiggler.com (link later), on Soundcloud or on Twitter tweeting with the hashtag #modularbattle
Follow ModularBattle on Twitter for latest information
Let’s go modular!

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