Wednesday, February 06, 2013

MAQ 16/3 Direction Via MIDI Demo by Nicholas Keller

An interesting video, posted by Nicholas Keller in the Doepfer A-100 group on Facebook shows something about the Doepfer MAQ 16/3 Sequencer that i never really noticed before.
It seems that normally, the MAQ in forward mode would start from the last random step, what can really mess up your patterns.
In his video Nicholas shows that, with some clever MIDI programming, it is possible to get your next forward pattern starting from step 1.

Video: Direction via MIDI
" This video simply shows that it is possible to switch direction of an Doepfer MAQ16/3 sequence from random to forward with the forward section starting from step 1. Normally, the forward section would start from the last random step. Start from step 1 was achieved with a series of MIDI commands from DAW sequencer (in this case Ableton Live) sent to the MAQ."

Nicholas also added: "This video will probably be part of a future blog post of mine, as right now I am working on some other ones. (you can find his blog at
Also, you might express that the MAQ's functions can all be controlled through MIDI.
For this example, I used Q-control v1.0, which is an Ableton Live project file that contains individual clips for all the MIDI commands for the MAQ. I'm not sure that the website where I found this is still active.
I can email you the file if you can host it. I sent commands for First and Last Step as well as Forward and Random commands.
The First and Last Step commands were necessary to force the Forward version of the pattern to start on Step 1 ( First=1, Last=1). Then at marker 1.1.2 in Ableton (the second 1/16th note) I added First=2 and Last=16 commands."
Uploaded by Nicholas Keller
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