Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random Video: Automated Tape Delay/Reverse by Wouter van Veldhoven

Wouter van Veldhoven, a tape-addict and musician from the Netherlands, makes music using collected second hand materials including, cans, old tape recorders, cigarboxes, broken radios and toypianos.
He reworks them in experimental musical instruments and uses them as recording devices.
His music balances somewhere between dusty, lo-fi experimental ambient and jangly instrumentals, but recently he has also been delving into the realm of minimal techno.

His latest upload is made with a nice mix of Doepfer Eurorack and various tape-machines and sounds like it is influenced by the classic Dutch NatLab-engineers from  the early 60s.

Video: Automated tape delay/reverse
" I adjusted a tape recorder in such a way its playing direction can be controlled from my Doepfer system, this combined with an extra tape recorder that both records and plays back enables delayed tape reversing in a live setting. Quite nice for doing some minimal techno thingies"

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