Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quick Tip XI : Eurorack Screws

Okay, this seems like pretty basic Eurorack knowledge, but every now and then I see this question popping up on several forums and sites.

The standard Doepfer eurorack screws - M3x6
It seems a lot of people run out of Eurorack mounting screws very often.
A lot of them don't seem to know what types are used and/or where to get them.

In Doepfer Euroracks standardized lens head screw DIN7985 M3x6 are used.
DIN is the German edition of ISO standards and
the ISO metric screw threads are the world-wide most commonly used type of general-purpose screw thread.

The 3 stands for the diameter of the wire, and 6 stands for the length of the screw... both in millimeters (mm).
For the Doepfer racks, don't use longer screws...

I got mine from a local hardware-store (GAMMA), and i guess you will be able to find some near you...
Of course there are many other types of mounting screws available that fit... in different shapes and colours, so the choice is yours.
Just Google "M3x6" and you will find plenty of options.

A tip from Oliver Chesler from in the comments is that you can also use 3mm Nylon Plastic Washers between your screws and the modules.
If you want to resell your modules scratch-less this might be a good idea.


  1. Great tip! I believe these are the washers (not needed but if you want to resell your modules maybe a good idea):

    1. Ah... that's another good idea. I never heared about people using them, but it does make sense. I will add it to the post later, thanks for the tip!